Root Access: Startup founders who say "I have a great idea but…"

We all have great ideas for new startups. But there are some common things that discourage budding entrepreneurs: lack of money, fear that their idea will be stolen, the expense of validating their idea. Don Dodge (Googler, long-time startup evangelist and investor) is here to tell us how to overcome those fears and get cranking.

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  • Claudiu Ionescu

    Patenting costs a lot, both money and time resources. It takes up to 2
    years to successfully patent an idea and tens of thousands of dollars.
    After that, you’ll need to defend your patent with each occasion in order
    not to lose it. That costs even more time and money. Startups are usually
    already successful and acquired by the time they even consider patenting
    what they do. So… not really sure that it’s worthy.

  • Hazael Reyes

    Yes Ideas can be stolen. I"ve seeing this many times. Sometimes the idea
    from some one is stolen before he/she starts working on it; and in another
    cases, the idea is stolen and copied latter on. So, I recommend any one
    patten the good idea before is stolen or copied.

  • Karan Harsh Wardhan

    The reality of the market i think is: if he is smarter,more creative and
    more determined than the originator-it’s quite likely his implementation
    will succeed anyways. Nokia/HTC/Ericsson etc all tried perfecting the
    smartphone and all had similar ideas but it was Apple’s that clicked so
    this is true regardless of the level you’re at(unless of course, you’re
    willing to litigate like crazy and even that isn’t working for apple now
    vis a vis Android).Innovation rules the market not originality.

  • Mehmet Arkın Gürbüz

    Ok. I see something but. Why am I share my idea if I havent got a good life
    and someone become a rich (or become a good life) who stolen my ideas ??
    Someone the ideas for good life’s, Someone of good ideas for human…

  • MrBinaryKode

    Really? So ideas can be stolen?? Tell this to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and
    also to the Android from Google, — lol. Any idea can be stolen, it’s up to
    the stoler to make it happen, maybe he is smarter, more creative and more
    determined than the original creator. There are many ideas around, so,
    steal(improve) them if u can. I rather not telling mine until u start
    seeing them addicting the mass.

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