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  • Reptilico

    This man is so full of shit in his entire presentation. Only a society that considers a company that sells personal information while veiled as a "free service"

  • maria loves green

    managing is just prioritizing issues and resolving in an organize manner, engineering is more of like putting concrete and tangible foundation on intangible ideas

  • OnlineJobs99

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  • Anne Ryazanov

    Probably will get a nice jewish wife, in reality…. that’s the real story…
    german’s are quite cruely smart, but jewish are also cruely sustainable…
    so both are still alive together, after making such a unique historical competition…since two sides are very intelligent…all.

  • Anne Ryazanov

    He mentioned that he has a nice jewish mum to raise him smart,
    but actually, somebody has a nice german stepmum to raise him up after becoming an adults…. doesn’t it, darling?:) I would never ignore your stepmum in our future… we are going together:::) She is definitely a nice person,….. experience many ordinary people in the world…. including in my country… then realised she’s precious….^^

  • brandonhsiao

    I completely agree and also fear our society is becoming spiraling downward. Without an agreed set of etiquette rules we would have to get around to actually doing things. Five years from now, say, job interviews might actually be about qualifications than politicking, and then where would we be?

  • Madankumar Angusamy

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  • humblereloaded

    She has no manners. What a ridiculous society we live in that she is meant to be an educated person and she has not internalised basic etiquettes of introducing a guest. She takes a seat and waits for him to sit.

  • JCSglobal

    For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him – JESUS CHRIST CAN SAVE YOU – Open Your Heart

  • dustin dashiell

    Good video, thanks it was an interesting interview. The main idea of it being he doesnt know what happened lol. "I dont know" you would die if you made it a drinking game lol.

  • lakshmi priya

    I was an unhappy Employee for a long time, so I jumped into Entrepreneurship .

    I am happy now bcoz I am doing what I like to do, but I want to be succesful also , so I am trying to figure out the habits practice practiced by great people.

    In this search, I luckily saw an android app called "21 Best Entrepreneurial Habits" in google play by Lokesh Hanumappa. Oh Man, it is too good and so cheap, I could read it in 1 hr straight and is of immense quality and depth. I am now super charged up

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